Christmas Tree Care

Instructions for caring for your Christmas tree

Christmas trees purchased from us are Nordmann fir trees which should hold most of their needles over the Christmas period, and often for much longer. However, it is really important that you follow a simple set of guidelines to get the most out of your tree.

  1. When it has been delivered, take your tree out of its netting and put it outside in a bucket of water until you want to set it up indoors.
  2. Cut an inch from the tree’s base when you set it up, to allow the tree to take up water. This is the same principle as cutting the base from the stems of fresh flowers and will help the tree to last for longer.
  3. Choose a water-holding Christmas tree stand such as the Cinco range that we sell – these hold plenty of water.
  4. Keep your Christmas tree well watered, it may drink as much as 0.5-1 litre a day.
  5. Place your Christmas tree away from radiators, spot lamps or any other sources of direct heat.