3.25m to 3.50m Premium Nordmann fir Christmas tree

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11 to 12 foot premium-grade, non-drop luxury Nordmann fir Christmas tree. Measures a minimum of 11 feet from the base of the trunk to where the top set of branches touch the tree when bent upwards

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Cut the base of the trunk (for water uptake) +£4.50

We will saw off the bottom 1" of the trunk of your tree, just before delivery. This fresh cut helps the tree to take up water and hold onto its needles a little better.

Cinco 12 water-holding Christmas tree stand

Water-holding Christmas tree stand, recommended for trees up to 12 feet.
  • Stand Size: Large
  • For real trees up to 12ft (3.65 m) tall
  • Trunk diameter 8" (20.32 cm)
  • Dimensions:24"x24"x91/2"
  • 11.35 lts water reservoir
Steel bolts clamp and hold tree Metal spikes keep tree in position Low, wide easy-fill water reservoir Strong wall and rib construction No-break polypropylene Saves low branches

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Titan large metal Christmas tree stand

Water-holding Christmas tree stand, recommended for trees up to 12 feet Tree size: Up to 400cm (13 feet) Trunk size: Up to 14cm (5.5") Water capacity: 2.00 litres Size: Overall 85cm dia Heavy duty steel construction Atractive screw bolt adjusters Powder coated finish Rubber end caps Easy-fill water reservoir

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Install tree into my stand

We will trim the bottom branches of your tree and give the base a fresh cut for water uptake, before fitting it into your stand.

Tree collection / recycle service (4th - 5th Jan 2024)

This years Christmas tree collection and recycling service will operate on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th Jan 2024. Simply leave your tree outside your house or building, clearly visible to our collection team and we will remove and recycle it, no trip to the tip and no finding christmas tree needles in your car still in the middle of April! Please note that we are unable to collect / remove from inside flats,offices, colleges etc. The trees we collect are shredded and used as compost on our farm in Barton.

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Holly Wreath

A simple Holly Wreath, made locally. Product may differ from image depending on availability of holly with berries - weather dependant each year. Please call if you would like to discuss prior to purchase

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