Tree Sizes

Size Chart

Size range in MetresApprox. Old Sizes in Feet
1.25m to 1.50m4 feet plus
1.50m to 1.75m5 feet plus
1.75m to 2.00m6 feet plus
2.00m to 2.25m7 feet plus
2.25m to 2.50m8 feet plus
2.75m to 3.00m9 feet plus
3.00m to 3.25m10 feet plus
3.25m to 3.50m11 feet plus
3.50m to 4.00m12 feet plus
4.50m to 5.00m14 feet plus


Measuring your tree

We measure from the base of the trunk to where the top set of branches touch the tree when bent upwards, Generally this means that you only pay for about 30cm of ‘leader’